Louis Graveraet Kaufman’s Gift

Quoted Document by Fred Rydholm
Comments by Sara Cambensy

“In September of 1916, Mr. Louis G. Kaufman sent a letter and a check for $26,000 to the School Board to cover all the costs of land and clearing for the new school site. The gift was given in memory of his mother, Juliet Adelaide Graveraet (pictured).

But then the country was swept into World War I and everything was put on hold for several years. However, it was during the War, on May 4th of 1917, the Board of Education announced that the new high school would be called Graveraet High School.”

It wasn’t until 2007 when then Marquette Area Public Schools Principal, Sam Oslund, remarked on how these letters of correspondence between Mr. L.G. Kaufman and the Marquette Public Schools Board of Education came before the Woman’s Suffrage Movement of 1919 and explain why the Board of Education does not formally recognize the naming of the Graveraet School after Juliet Graveraet until 1928.

“The Kaufman legacy in Marquette includes the beautiful First National Bank complex, Granot Loma Lodge, the Kaufman Mausoleum in Park Cemetery, but nothing could touch the lives of the Marquette citizens as much as the Graveraet School with its beautiful Louis G. Kaufman Auditorium and the Kaufman Endowment Fund.”