Much Pride in Graveraet Athletics

Much Pride in Graveraet Athletics

Written by Sara Cambensy with help from Frank Richardson and Fred Rydholm

According to Mr. Frank Richardson, there has always been much pride in the Graveraet Athletic teams and clubs.  As we researched the various athletic teams and clubs at the Graveraet High School, the number of student involved in sports rivaled the number of students today that compete for our high school teams. 

In a ‘Brief History and Some Insights….’ Fred Rydholm writes about the choice of the school colors that are still the colors of our Marquette Senior High School teams:

“Mr. Whitman had chosen his favorite colors for the auditorium: Harvard Crimson and white.  Of course for the student body, these colors were simplified to red and white.  For the first ten or fifteen years, however, the athletic sweaters and letters were a rather dark maroon.  In the mid-1930’s the teams became known as the “red men” and around the time the WPA workers designed an Indianhead logo for the road signs of Gogebic County an Indianhead logo appeared to represent the Redmen.  This logo was reportedly designed by Henry ‘Hank’ Jackson, a student athlete, at the request of coach C.C. Rushton.  The logo was eventually painted on the Sidney Adams Gymnasium floor at Graveraet.”

Roger Keast, a former coach at Graveraet, was killed in action while stationed in New Guinea during WWII.  The student body petitioned the school board to change the name of the football field to ‘Roger Keast Memorial Field’ but due to the growing list of former students and faculty who died in the war, they decided to name it ‘Memorial Field’.