Rent the Auditorium

pianoAverage cost to rent Kaufman Auditorium during the week (Monday through Friday): $700-$1,000*

Average cost to rent Kaufman Auditorium during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday): $800-$1200*

*Kaufman Auditorium has a $1/ticket Capital Improvement Fee on top of all rental charges.  The above estimates include a $400 charge for the CIF in them.  Please see the Kaufman CIF link for more information.

Availabilty (please call 225-4213 for availability)

Rental Paperwork (rental forms plus liability forms are available by emailing the director here)

Rental Prices for Kaufman Auditorium

No Admission Charged Admission Charged
Rehearsal $50/hour or $250/day $50/hour or $250/day
Performance $50/hour or $250/day $100/hour or $450/day max
Custodian* $35/hour when needed $35/hour when needed
House Manager  $23/hour (only during show) $23/hour (only during show)
Lighting Tech $21/hour $21/hour
Sound Tech $21/hour $21/hour
Cafeteria** $25/hour $25/hour
Food Service Worker** $25/hour $25/hour
Gym** $25/hour $100/hour or $450/day max
Classroom** $20/hour $20/hour

*Custodians are required to be at Kaufman Auditorium on weekends.   If the Kaufman Director is available on Saturday or Sunday, she may relieve the custodian after opening the building and stay until a custodian is needed again for the evening performance. This will alleviate much of the custodian charges groups would have to pay on the weekend. All groups will be charged a custodial cleaning fee, determined by how long it takes a custodian to clean the auditorium after a rehearsal or performance.

**Additional charges for the cafeteria, gymnasium, and classroom apply only if renters wish to use them.

Kaufman Auditorium Technical Specifications


  • seating capacity 807, including 12 wheelchair spaces
  • Orchestra pit is appoximately 7 feet by 30 feet and can be set at multiple levels


  • proscenium opening 37′ wide and 17′ high
  • depth of stage 35′
  • depth of apron 7′ 9″ to the plaster line
  • height 45′ stage deck to grid
  • wing space 7” proscenium to the side wall (both sides)


  • house curtain is cranberry velour — will fly or travel
  • two full-stage black velour curtains — will fly or travel
  • 4 pairs of legs, 10′ x 24′, black velour

Dressing Rooms

  • 2 dressing rooms are stage level with direct access to backstage areas
  • 1 large room parallel to the dressing rooms is also available
  • men’s and women’s dressing rooms have tables, mirrors, hangers. sinks, chairs and cabinets for storage


  • from back door, 36″ by 6′ door
  • 6′ by 6.5′ loading doors to the stage
  • doors are at ground level, with a small ramp for rear load-in

Lighting Control

  • Please contact Jim Pennell, Technical Director for Kaufman Auditorium, at for specification

Sound Control

  • Please contact Jim Pennell, Technical Director for Kaufman Auditorium, at for specification